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Delegate's Bulletin Board

Zoom Board Meeting Report
22 November 2020
Ed L.,, (760) 964-0012

Personal Mission Statement: “I’m committed to being totally available and responsible to Mid-Southern California Area 09 members, to help provide a healthy infrastructure to communicate among individuals, Groups, Districts, Area, and the General Service Office, while using as few acronyms as possible!”


It's been more than a month since I posted to the Delegate’s Bulletin Board, but please know that I am as busy as usual on your behalf. So, here is my delegate’s report to the Board earlier today:


() I continue to attend District business meetings, including: #19 on 10/18, #4 on 11/4, #18 on 11/10, #6 on 11/10, #1&3 on 11/12, #19 on 11/15, and #8 and #14 on 11/18.

(●) Thanks to Hiro for a wonderful and functional Servathon on 11/14. I’m looking forward to getting the round table minutes so we can share them with Area members.

(●) As of today (11/22), welcome Emma P, from Huntington Beach, confirmed by the Board to serve as the Panel 70 Registrar, and thanks so much to Emily H for her early service as Panel 70 Registrar.

(●) District events I’ve attended included a Traditions Celebration by District #19 on 11/21 and Grapevine Writer’s Workshop by District #17 on 11/22.

(●) I’ve attended the following Area elections since our October 11, 2020 Area Committee Service meeting: Area 05 (Southern California) on 10/18, Area 06 (Northern Coastal California), on 11/7, Area 17 (Hawaii) on 11/7, and Area 93 (Central California) on 11/15.

(●) On 10/28, I join 11 other Panel 70 delegates in their weekly meeting of the Northeastern Region Delegates, or NERDS, where Sheri P, Area 25 Kansas delegate and I were invited to join Tad J, Area 48 of eastern New York, as members of the Conference Literature Committee.

(●) On 10/29, I attend meeting of Electronic Media Subcommittee, where they elect Faith B to serve as the Area 09 webmaster.

(●) On 11/4, 14 of the 15 Pacific Region delegates (and Sheryl T, Panel 71 delegate-elect from Area 69, Utah), met with Pacific Region Trustee, Kathi F who graciously shared a detailed Power Point created by Cathy B, summarizing the highlights of the General Service Board weekend of October 31/November 1, 2020.

(●) After a committee meeting on 11/7, Jeff G, Area 93, shares that they’ve had to cancel the physical 2021 PRAASA, that they are actively preparing for a virtual PRAASA. I attend Area 93 elections on 11/15 with 120+/- participants, with Pacific Region Trustee Kathi F chairing, where Karla Y is selected from the hat as Panel 71 delegate, and Rudy M as alternate delegate.

(●) On 11/11, I received an updated list of 20 preliminary Agenda Items that was provided for distribution the next day.

(●) I’m working with Tom of Area 07 and Cheri S of Area 02 on “Virtual Communication between Groups and General Service Office” presentation for the U.S./Canada (US/CAN) event scheduled for 12/19 (see, “What’s New” tab). I’ve registered for both the eastern version on 12/5 and the western version on 12/19.

(●) I’m looking forward to meeting formally with delegates and General Service Office secretary (Steve S) of the Conference Literature Committee on 11/24.

(●) I’ve contacted Jeryl T several times for his resume so I can submit it to the Trustee’s Nominating Committee, and although he’s responded, as of today I’ve still not received it.

(●) I reach out to Rozanne (District 18), Stacey (6), Romy (12), and Alex (1&3) asking about a virtual GSR (for Global Men’s Meditation meeting) to attend one of their business meetings. All four Districts are receptive to this participation.

(●) On 11/18, I join most of the Pacific Region delegates, including three delegate-elect (Lauren from Area 05, Jennifer from Area 06, and Bob from Area 79 Yukon-British Columbia) for AA Zoom meeting.


In Love and Service,