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Area 9 Guidelines

Service to the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous shall be the primary purpose of General Service in the Mid-Southern California Area. In all our proceedings we shall observe the spirit of the A.A. Twelve Traditions and the Six Warranties, mindful of the ideals expressed in "The A.A. Service Manual" and the "Twelve Concepts for World Service." The "Right of Decision," the "Right of Participation" and "Right of Appeal" shall always be observed. In the absence of specific indications in these Guidelines or of direct Assembly action, the latest edition of "The A. A. Service Manual" may be relied upon.

MSCA Area 09 Guidelines and Forms

Making a motion with the GAP committee
F.A.Q. on A.A. Websites
GSR School
MSCA Area Sound Guidelines (January 2014)
GSR School Guidelines (January 2013)
MMSCA09 Area Guidelines for Structure and Procedure (January 2016)
MSCA Business Meeting Procedures (March 2012)
Guidelines for Hosting a MSCA Event (revised 2-13-2011)
DCMC Report Form (posted 10-13-2006)
Committee Report Form ( posted 10-13-2006)

Standing Committee Guidelines  (S) = Spanish Co-Chair

Accessibilities Committee Guidelines (S)
Area Communications Guidelines (S)   (January 2009)
Archives Committee Guidelines  (Jan 11, 2015)
Convention Liaison Committee Guidelines
(S) (January 09, 2005)
Cooperation with the Elder Community Committee Guidelines (CEC) (S) (January 08, 2006)
Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Guidelines (CPC) (S) (May 2003)
Corrections Committee Guidelines (September 09, 2007)
District Committee Member (DCM) School Committee Guidelines (S) (September 12, 2004)
Finance Committee Guidelines
General Service Representative (GSR) School Committee Guidelines (S)
Grapevine/La Vina (January 2016)
Literature Committee Guidelines(S)
Guidelines and Polices Committee
Newsletter Committee Guidelines
Public Information Committee Guidelines (PI) (S) (September 12, 2004)
Registration Committee Guidelines  (May 16, 2004)
Treatment Facilities Committee Guidelines MSCA (S) September 12, 2004)
Treatment Facilities Committee Guidelines  from A.A.  (GSO)
YPAA Committee

Please Note: If any MCSA approved guidelines are not current or missing from the listings above, please contact the appropriate committee or chairperson responsible for those guidelines and have them submit the corrected versions to the EMSC or Area Communications Committee to be revised and reposted here. (Any committee without an active link will be updated as information becomes available)