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Delegate's Bulletin Board

19 July 2020 Virtual Zoom Board Meeting

(•) Since my last report to the Board on 6/20/2020, I’ve provided report-backs to the following eight Districts: 5, 6, 8, 9, 17, 23, 24, 25 (the last three Hispanic Districts were in person). So, to date, excluding the Area 09 report-back on 6/14/2020, I’ve given Conference report-backs to 16 Districts. Over the next several months, I have the following five report-backs scheduled: Districts 2 (8/9), 4 (9/2), 7 (8/10), 10 (8/5), and 12 (9/13), which will be 21 of 24 Districts. At least two Hispanic Districts have asked me to provide report-backs at the Group-level, although one of them cancelled due to a COVID-positive member.

() I’ve also attended the following Area Zoom events: Four-Area DCM Sharing Session (6/28), FORO (7/12), Coachella Valley Intergroup (District 9, with Ryan on 6/20), and Unity Day (7/18). I also attended the Sponsorship Workshop for District 9 on 7/18.

() Additionally, I’ve attended the following report-backs in other Pacific Region Areas: Areas 06 (6/20), 08 (6/20), 02 (7/12), 93 (7/12), and 06 (7/18). In support of Thomas S (Area 05), I attended a Concepts Workshop on 7/16. I also attended a Zoom meeting with the other Pacific Region delegates on 7/7, which is the fourth such meeting with other delegates.

() I have the following other Zoom sessions scheduled: “Service During the Time of COVID” (later today at 6 pm, sponsored by District 17 Intergroup), a 10-minute presentation on Concept 2 with Area 05 on 7/21, audited (therefore final 2019) Finance Committee report from Leslie B on 8/15, and Trustee’s Report following the summer General Service Board summer quarterly meeting by Kathi F on 8/17. Kathi F has accepted our invitation to speak at the Area Service Committee meeting on 8/9, which closely follows the GSB quarterly meeting.

() Due to travel to report to Hispanic Districts and mailing costs of bookmarks to other 134 Conference members, I recently submitted my first invoice since PRAASA, which was $331.20 paid on 7/10/2020.

() Three ladies have asked me about submitting new stories for the pamphlet, “A.A. and the Older Alcoholic,” which has led me to contacting Treatment & Accessibilities (Irene D) and Literature Committee (Steve S) to facilitate these submittals (premature until the trustees accept the Committee Consideration to solicit new stories). We expect that there will be a call for new, diverse stories from older alcoholics in mid-August.

() I am communicating with Pablo H, Area 93 alternate delegate, to drop off PRAASA sound equipment in Bakersfield in mid-August as I travel north to Mariposa.

() Learn from Kathi F on 7/18 that in response to the deficit in contributions to GSO, that about $800k was contributed in May and more than $900k in June.


Thanks for letting me be of service.

Ed L, Panel 70, Area 09 delegate