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Delegate's Bulletin Board

Area Highlights 19 January 2020

Personal Mission Statement: “I’m committed to being totally available and responsible to MSCA 09 members, to help provide a healthy infrastructure to communicate among individuals, Groups, Districts, Area, and the General Service Office, while using as few acronyms as possible!”

Each new delegate is required to produce an “Area Highlights” summary that is shared at PRAASA and at the General Service Conference in New York, this year between 19-25 April  2020. Mine, based on the one Joe C shared as Panel 66 Delegate, follows. This is for your information, and comes with the request that if you see any errors in the information presented, please let me know ASAP so I can correct the error.

Mid-Southern California Area 09 – MSCA 09 – was approved at the 8th General Service Conference in 1958.  One of six areas in California, Area 9 spans four counties - Orange County, most of San Bernardino County, Riverside County, and part of Los Angeles County. We border the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, from Manhattan Beach to San Clemente; extend north of Barstow onto China Lake and Fort Irwin military bases; and east to  Blythe on the Colorado River. As such, we are 190 miles tall and 220 miles wide, requiring some members to travel three hours to attend area meetings.  The area meets 12 times a year, including 3 Area Service Assemblies, 6 Area Service Committee meetings, a Pre-Conference Workshop, a Servathon, and our FORO, where Spanish-speaking members organize and conduct the meeting. Nominally, we have 30 Districts, with 24 active and 6 available to form new districts.  Most of our districts have subdistricts with both DCMCs and DCMs, and there are 6 overlapping Hispanic districts. Our most recent information is there are 2,003 groups in Area 9 with GSO numbers, where approximately 62,600 members attend. Area 9 is comprised of 17 standing committees, including our newest addition in January 2019: “MSCA 09 Young Person’s Standing Committee.” Coordinate committees include 5 Young People in AA Intergroups, 14 Central Offices (including 6 Hispanic offices), and 8 H&I Committees, with 34 local H&I Committees. We regularly distribute information to more than 1,000 present and past trusted servants, with about 250 actively participating at any given time. From the Colorado River to the Pacific Ocean, half of it unpopulated desert and half of it some of the most populated places in the United States, Area 9 is committed to extending the hand and heart of AA to all who suffer, and, in particular, to all who long to be of service. 

In Love and service, Ed.,
(760) 964-0012