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Delegate's Bulletin Board

Welcome New Chairs 12 January 2020

Personal Mission Statement: “I’m committed to being totally available and responsible to MSCA 09 members, to help provide a healthy infrastructure to communicate among individuals, Groups, Districts, Area, and the General Service Office, while using as few acronyms as possible!”

In my past 12 years of General Service, only past Pre-Conference Assemblies have been as well attended as the Standing Committee Elections Assembly in Torrance today, 1/12/2020! I can tell from attending three-quarters of the District elections for Panel 70 officers between September and December 2019 that service is alive and well in MSCA 09, and we are all in good, alcoholic hands.

These are your new Standing Committee Chairs / Cochairs (English / Spanish):
Accessibilities: Andrea C / Open
Archives: Dario D / N/A*
Communications: Katherine C / Open
Cooperation with the Elderly Community: Barbaradee / N/A*
Cooperation with the Professional Community: Maryka de D / Martin
Convention Liaison: Ryan H / Carmen M
Corrections and Correspondence: Mauricio T / N/A*
DCM School: Manya W / Ruben Z
Finance: Carlos G is confirmed in this position
Guidelines and Policies: Anthony A / N/A*
Grapevine and La Viña: Scott R / Rigo C
GSR School: Todd W / Martin J
Literature: Jim B / Jose F
Public Information: Harry C / Melquiades G
Registration: Tony M / N/A*
Treatment Facilities: Lynn McK / Open
Young People: Matt B / N/A*
Sound: Gildardo B
Coffee: Benigno M

(*Where “NA” appears, there is no position for these slots)

As you can see, we have several “open” positions (particularly Spanish-speaking Chairs). We really need to fill these. At each Area Service Assembly (Assembly) and Area Service Committee (ASC), the Chairs host break-out sessions where we talk about the function and latest information for that committee. Please help us fill these positions! Imagine (and in some cases, remember) when you went to an AA meeting and no one was there. That is what we are trying to avoid by filling open chair positions. When the new GSR comes to our Area meetings interested in a particular type of Area service, we need to be sure that someone is there to share with them the latest information from New York and elsewhere.

Volunteer Opportunities
PRAASA 2020, Tucson, AZ: On 1/12/2020, nine people signed up to volunteer for PRAASA in Tucson. Area 03 is seeking five primary volunteers and two back-ups including panel presenters, timers, and both a round table moderator and scribe. Please let me know if you want to serve and I will provide your names to Area 03. I will let you know when positions are filled.

International Convention, Detroit, MI: Tammi R is liaison between Area 09 and the International Convention, seeking volunteers for the Pacific Region hospitality suites. She needs only two more volunteers, for July 2 from 2:00-4:00 pm and July 4 from 8:00-10:00 am. Please let me know if you want to serve and I will provide your names to Tammi.

Did You Know?
(In this section, I’m going to reveal my ignorance and share with you things you may already know that I’m just now learning. But, if there is even one person who benefits from my experience, it is worth it…and keeps me humble!)

• If you visit, click on “A.A.Literature” at the bottom, did you know that there are 77 digital pamphlets available online that are the same literature you see in racks of most AA meetings?

• That to the right of this link, “Read the Big Book and Twelve & Twelve,” you can access these documents, in both written and audio formats, for free?

• That there is an alternate universe in which our website is given completely in Spanish? Try clicking on the following link (or copy it and past it into your browser, like Google)!

In Love and service, Ed.,
(760) 964-0012