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Registration Committee

Purpose and Scope:
The Registration Committee is comprised of a group of service volunteers dedicated to coordinating all registration activities with the 23 districts of Mid-Southern California Area 09. Main concerns are the business of maintaining current and accurate references through each District. Develop and maintain records of all groups in Mid-Southern California Area, including group name, meeting location time and GSR or Group contact (per pages S26 and S27 in the AA Service Manual).

Special Needs Committees: Some A.A. entities are attempting to meet such needs by forming Special Needs

Committee Membership: Any interested AA member is eligible to be a member of the Registration Committee. District Registrars are strongly encouraged to participate in the Registration Committee. The Mid-Southern California Area Registrar is a voting member of the Registration Committee and shall be the link to GSO for the Registration Committee.

• How to Register a New AA Group in Area 9:  Click Here

• How to Register a New GSR for an AA Group in Area 9: Click Here

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