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Grapevine/ La Vina Committee

The Grapevine is and has been the Fellowships International meeting in print since 1944. The purpose of the Mid-Southern California Grapevine/La Vina Committee is to:

  1. Increase the awareness of the the magazine in the Districts and the Area as a whole.
  2. Encourage participation in the magazine, such as:
    A. Writing Articles for the Grapevine or La Vina
    B. Writing letters about what members read in the magazine
  3. Increase the Mid-Southern California Area Grapevine and La Vina subscription base.
  4. Support Conventions and Meetings with Grapevine and La Vina displays and Information.
AA Grapevine Reps (GvRs): The basic job of the Grapevine representative, or GvR, is to make the magazine available to the home group, and to encourage AAs to read it, subscribe to it, and use it in Twelfth Step work.The GvR may volunteer for the service position or be elected. Most GvRs have found that simply bringing the Grapevine to the attention of their group on a regular basis raises awareness about the magazine and eventually expands its readership. GvRs who read and enjoy the magazine themselves are likely to communicate their enthusiasm to others. 

GvRs at group, district and area levels are a vital part of The Grapevine helping us to continue carrying the message of AA. What started out in 1944 as an eight paged newsletter grew into a full magazine that not only served as Bill W.'s communication tool to the growing number of AAs but has now reached a monthly circulation of approximately 115,000.

Copyright (c) by the AA Grapevine, Inc.; reprinted with permission..

About AudioGrapevine: AudioGrapevine is AA Grapevine magazine in audio format. Download and listen to two months of AA Grapevine magazine including the Editor¹s note; PO Box 1980 ; all the stories from AA members sharing their experience, strength and hope; plus the humor section of the magazine. Subscribe, download, and listen - anytime, anywhere.

How it works: On the 21st of each month, the new issue will be available for download along with the previous month¹s issue. This allows AudioGrapevine subscribers to have 2 issues (current and past), each month that they subscribe. When you subscribe to AudioGrapevine for one year, you will receive an email notifying you that the new issue has arrived. One year AudioGrapevine subscription: $20.00