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Treatment Committee

The MSCA 09 Treatment Facilities Committee (the “Committee”) is working on the Bridging the Gap Program (“BTG”) which connects the new member being discharged from a facility to A.A. in their community.  We are asking for your help.

Area 9 Bridging the Gap website

The Committee is in the process of developing a list of A.A. members who are willing to be a temporary contact.  The temporary contact would take the new A.A. member to six meetings (or until a sponsor – even a temporary sponsor is obtained.) Suggestions for the temporary contact:

  1. Remember you may be the first outside member of AA the contact meets.  As such, you are representing all of us.  It is important to be relaxed, friendly and interested.
  2. Keep the general conversation related to recovery. Avoid discussing the new member’s discharge.  We have no opinion on outside issues.
  3. Take time to introduce the new person to as many A.A. members as possible.  Do not, however, push your contact.  Some people are very shy.
  4. Invite them to the “meeting after the meeting” if there is one. Show them we are happy, joyous and free and that sobriety can be enjoyable.
  5. Your commitment is usually finished after attending six meetings or as soon as a sponsor has been located.  Use good recovery related judgment about when to end the relationship.
  6. Make sure the newly released A.A. member receives meeting schedules, phone numbers and A.A. literature.
  7. Encourage the new member to attend meetings as often as possible, to find a home group and to get a sponsor as soon as possible.  Let them know even a temporary sponsor now would be acceptable.
  8. Share your experience, strength and hope with the newly discharged member, just as you would anyone else new to A.A. in your community.
  9. Please respect the complete anonymity of the new member.

The MSCA09 treatment Committee meets monthly at the Area ASC’s and Assemblies. Your group GSR should be able to connect those interested to their local district representatives.  Our purpose is to extend a hand, in the spirit of our Twelve Steps of Recovery, to assist the newcomer to find the same help in staying sober that we ourselves found. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. There are links on this page to offer assistance to those who wish to be a temporary contact and for those who wish to be provided a temporary contact.

Link: Treatment Facilities Committee Guidelines MSCA
Link: Treatment Facilities Committee Guidelines from A.A. GSO