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Area Communications Committee

The Mid-Southern California Area (M.S.C.A.) Communications Committee (ACC) is composed of four subcommittees for the purpose of facilitating communication within M.S.C.A, and the fellowship at large. The result is that these subcommittees have an interconnection and mutual resources, as well as a common voice.

Scope: All actions of the Area Communications Committee (ACC) are governed by the Twelve Traditions of AA, the Twelve Concepts for World Service, and the Guidelines of the Mid-Southern California Area.

The guidelines of each Communications Committee Subcommittee are incorporated within, and are part of, the Area Communications Guidelines (January 2009).


(ATSC) Area Translations Subcommittee
The Area Translations Subcommittee (ATSC) is responsible to the Area Assembly and the Area Communications Committee, and is charged with the translation (English/Spanish/English) of all documents to be published either electronically or in print for the Mid-Southern California Area.

(ANSC) Area Newsletter Subcommittee
As part of the Mid-Southern California Area (MSCA) 09 Communications Committee, the Area Newsletter Sub-Committee (ANSC) shall consist of volunteer AA members, charged with the responsibility of producing and distributing The MSCA Newsletter (hereinafter called The Newsletter). All members of the ANSC are automatically members of the Area Communications Committee and will meet with this Committee at monthly Assemblies, ASC’s or at other designated times. The Newsletter is published monthly (except in April & July). There is also no Newsletter published in October of odd-numbered years (2003, 2005… etc.), nor in November of even-numbered years (2004, 2006… etc.) and is supported solely through contributions sent to the Area. The Newsletter is published for the benefit of the Mid-Southern California Area AA membership and may include but is not limited to the following: 1. Local AA news and information about groups and committees 2. Reprinted material from AA literature 3. Sharing of experience in recovery, unity and service 4. Information pertaining to Area actions, finances and meetings 5. Information regarding AA service, events, and announcements (In keeping with A.A.’s Tradition of non-affiliation, no events exclusively planned as fund raising events will be listed in The Newsletter).

(EMSC) Electronic Media Subcommittee
The purpose of the Electronic Media Subcommittee (EMSC) is to use electronic media (e.g. MSCA website) to inform the members of the MSCA and others of the activities, history and structure of the Area.

(CESC) Communication Equipment Subcommittee
The Communications Equipment Sub-Committee(CESC) is responsible to the Area Assembly and the Area Communications Committee (ACC). As part of the ACC, the CESC, always in cooperation with the Finance Committee, is charged with the following:

1. Maintaining an inventory of the following equipment owned by MSCA:

a) audio/visual equipment
b) translation equipment
c) software
d) computers and printers

2. When requested by the ACC, the CESC is responsible for researching, evaluating and preparing a written recommendation (including cost estimates) for any electronic equipment, computer software or repairs to electronic equipment. In most instances, it is strongly suggested that at least three sources, along with the corresponding cost estimates, be provided as part of the evaluation.

3. Will take responsibility for the lawful disposal of any broken equipment or obsolete software having to do with communication equipment as described above.

4. On an annual basis, in the third quarter, prepare a report of all electronic equipment that would be a candidate for replacement, with costs and prioritization for the purchases. This report would be presented to the ACC Chair no later than September 30th of each year. The preparation of this report is a year-long activity.

The CESC should work closely with all MSCA standing committees and sub-committees, the Area Officers committee and especially with the Area Finance Committee for the purpose of ensuring that a comprehensive, accurate and prudent report is prepared.

Area Communication Committee Minutes

November 20
March 13
February 13
January 9

December 12
August 8
March 14
January 10