Duties of the Delegate

a. It is the Delegate’s ultimate responsibility to provide the leadership necessary to build a sound service structure in the Area, without which the job of communication from the Groups to the Conference and then back again would be impossible.

b. The Delegate has the responsibility of attending the General Service Conference, prepared to express the “conscience” of the Area as a result of having presented and discussed the Conference agenda topics throughout the Area during the months preceding the Conference.

c. During the Conference sessions, it is the Delegate’s responsibility as a trusted servant to carefully evaluate the viewpoints expressed on each subject under discussion and then vote on all questions, not as a representative of a particular Area, but as a member of the Conference whose duty it is to act in the best interests of A.A. as a whole.

d. After the Conference the Delegate is responsible for reporting for reporting back to the Area in the best way possible to reach all members of A.A. in the Area.

e. Ongoing Conference duties. Maintains constant communications during the year with G.S.O. and the General Service Board on information, studies and surveys. Serves as a member of a specific Conference Committee during the two year tenure.

f. Attends all Area Assembly and Area Service Committee meetings.

g. Attends other Area Service functions and visits district meetings as often as possible.

h. Attends the Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly (P.R.A.A.S.A.) and when appropriate, other regional or state service functions.